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DIY Orthodontics. Does it work?

There has been a recent phenomena with DIY braces and clear aligners through home kits. We as orthodontist go through a lot of schooling to be trained to diagnose and treat all orthodontic problems - 4 years of undergrad, 4 years of dental school and 3 years of specialization in orthodontics to be exact. Orthodontic home kits are done by technicians in other states. If issues arise you may not contact the tech and must go through customer service. There is definitely a difference in treatment when a properly trained orthodontist is in charge of your treatment plan and is able to see your progress in person.

Ultimately, orthodontics moves your teeth which creates a biological response in your body. An orthodontist will take radiographs, complete a full exam and ensure your dentition are moved safely to create a beautiful smile. Without the proper follow-up and supervision, braces and clear aligners can ultimately cause tooth loss, recession and create bites that can prevent you from eating and functioning comfortably. Below is an article from the Washington Post explaining further the damages that can be caused.

Please come see us for a free consultation where we can explain the various esthetic options we have.

-Dr. Nima

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