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How does strengthening my teeth improve my overall dental health?

At Top Smile Orthodontics in Sunnyvale, Texas, we understand that the look of your smile is one of the first things that people will notice when you meet them. This first impression will form the basis of your interaction with everyone that you meet. It is also often the key to your confidence in these encounters. Our patients are able to see the visible results that orthodontic care provides, but is there a health benefit that they are not seeing? This is a question that Orthodontists have been answering for years. Clinical research has shown that patients with malocclusion, or more commonly known as crooked or misaligned teeth, have shown to have a higher rate of periodontal issues than patients with straight teeth. The spaces, nooks and crannies that are created by teeth that are not aligned properly provide a perfect home for food debris and bacteria to collect and cause decay and gum disease. It is also harder to brush and floss these area properly, which can lead to a higher risk for your gum health to diminish.

Proper alignment of your teeth will allow you to be more thorough with your home care and will make your regular visits to your dentist and/or hygienist a more pleasant experience. Because it will be easier for you to clean your teeth, you will have a better chance of avoiding not only potential gun issues, but also tooth decay. This can help you avoid costly dental treatment in the future, as well as keeping your mouth healthy and bright. Dr. Rohani specializes in Orthodontic care that will allow you and your family to choose the treatment that is right for your lifestyle as well as your dental conditions. We are proud to be able to offer you options in your treatment such as clear braces and the very popular clear aligner program, Invisalign. These aligners will allow you to straighten your teeth without having to worry about brackets and wires in your mouth while you are in active treatment. In fact, you can even take them out to eat! This means you get to continue to eat what you would like while straightening your teeth. Call our office today to ask a member of our team of orthodontic professional if Invisalign is right for you.

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