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The early pre-teen to teen years are a great time to start full braces or Invisalign since all permanent teeth are erupted.  Some patients may have already had a previous phase of treatment (Phase 1) and are ready for Phase 2, or some patients may just be starting treatment for the first time.


Two-phase orthodontic treatment is a comprehensive orthodontic approach that combines the physical changes to your face and skull as well as the straightening of your teeth that is normally associated with braces.  The goal of this process is to obtain results that are both healthy and functional, while delivering ideal aesthetics that will be stable for the rest of your child’s life. Early treatment is also the key to preventing further complications in the future and avoiding more complex treatment options.  It is also the best way to achieve lasting results.

Phase One

In Phase One treatment is designed to help the jaw develop to allow for all of the permanent teeth to come in properly. It also can help improve the way that the upper and lower jaw fit together.  Early orthodontic treatment can also help to prevent the need for extractions or surgery later in life. During the initial consultation, orthodontic records will be taken to determine if early treatment is needed.  These records will consist of x-rays, photographs and models of the teeth.  These records will provide the blueprint for the treatment to come.


Resting Period

Now that the jaw has been prepared for the permanent teeth to erupt, the permanent teeth will be left to come in naturally during this phase.  It is important to allow your permanent teeth some freedom to move and come in naturally.  It is also important to know that the teeth will not be in their final position after this phase of treatment.  This movement will be accomplished in Phase Two.  Dr. Rohani will monitor your child’s teeth during this time and determine if any treatment is needed prior to starting Phase Two.


Phase Two

In Phase Two, Dr. Rohani and his team will develop a treatment plan designed to move each tooth to the exact location in your mouth where it fits naturally with your other teeth, cheeks tongue and lips.  This phase will typically involve a full set of braces on both the upper and lower teeth.  This phase can begin when all of your child’s permanent teeth have erupted and usually involves about 24 months of braces on your child’s teeth.  After the braces are removed, we will ask them to wear a retainer to make sure to preserve their beautiful new smile.


If you’re wondering if orthodontic treatment is the best option for your child,  your first step is to start with a free in-person consultation exam.

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