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This is an exciting time! We are excited to meet you and we know you will enjoy your time at our office. You might wonder what a consultation consists of at an Orthodontic office. Let us explain a little:


During your consultation, you can expect to be at our office for about 60 minutes.  This is to ensure we answer all of your questions and that no one has to rush. Upon arrival we will ask you to complete forms detailing patient health and dental history, as well as dental insurance information. Upon completion, we may ask you to brush your teeth f needed in order to take x-rays and digital impressions of your teeth and bite. These images help us understand exactly what the problem is and how we can correct it. You will then meet with our Orthodontist, Dr. Nima Rohani. He will conduct an extensive exam, review your medical and dental history and look over your images to determine if Orthodontic treatment is needed.


If Orthodontic treatment is needed, Dr. Rohani will create a plan and timeline with how he can correct your bite.  Once a plan has been developed and agreed upon, our Patient Coordinator will review all of the financing and payment options we have available. 


For your convenience, you can fill out our new patient registration online, before your initial consultation.

We have also made our new patient forms available to download, print, and fill out to bring to your first appointment. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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