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At Top Smile, it is our goal to make dentistry as fun and easy as possible. That includes helping patients with special needs care for their oral health in an environment that’s calm and comforting. We believe that providing pediatric dentistry for children with special needs is important and we want to make your children feel comfortable. We welcome children with special needs and/or significant health problems to have a positive dental experience with us. Dr. Lida is a mother herself, and she understands the important of specialized care.  

Our friendly staff will work to accommodate your child’s preferences and comfort level. This can include flexible scheduling as well as private exam rooms if needed. We also invite family or friends to accompany patients at any time during their appointment so that they feel at ease.


Our caring, attentive team is comfortable working with all different kinds of patients. We believe that fun, easy dentistry should be available for everyone. If you have a child with special needs, we invite you to contact our office and ask how we can help you and your child individually.

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